Sunday, June 1, 2008

Alton Ellis

Those who know me, know that I've been on a reggae kick as of late. The whole genre is kind of new to me. I, like many people I believe, have never really given reggae a fair chance. All we know is Bob Marley. However, I knew that there was something good there, and so finally, thanks to the internet I'm slowly learning how amazing this stuff really is. That being said, one of my favorites I've discovered so far is Alton Ellis. He's considered the voice of rocksteady, and pretty much second only to ol' Bob as far as classic roots vocalists go. Check out some of the songs and then get any of the early albums--as is the case w/ pretty much all roots/reggae I've come across.

Songs of Alton Ellis

You might remember the guy from this youtube clip from my post on Edan. I'm currently checking to see what other videos he has done cause obviously he has good taste.

'Rocksteady' - alton ellis